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We all love music. In times when a lot of music is being programmed instead of played, more and more people appreciate live-music, played by real musicians. My job as a sound-engineer is to provide the best sound possible, so you can enjoy a live-performance as much as possible.


ab sofort kann eine Beschallungsanlage für kleine bis mittelgroße Veranstaltungen gemietet werden. Schauen sie hierzu unter Verleih nach.

is now released. Visit my shop to find out more.

StudioRecall is a simple and easy to use application. It allows you to store and recall settings of your analog studio gear. Although it was designed with the record industry in mind, it can be used to store the settings of all sorts of analog devices. It is up to you which devices you add to the application.

The two classic ways for storing settings are taking photos or using pen and paper. You can find a lot of recall sheets for this online. The idea behind StudioRecall is to use simple drawings of devices and mark the controls position with dots. It is basically a digital version of the pen and paper method.


Introducing a Script Tray for Solid State Logic AWS 900 + 924 + 948 consoles.

SSL does not offer a Script Tray for the AWS models, so I designed one myself. You can find more information in my shop.


Dynacord DRP 20 & DRP 20 X Impulse Responses

Many sound engineers remember the Dynacord DRP 20 Reverb Processors. These devices belong to the classic reverbs, still found in many recording studios around the world. We offer different versions of impulse responses, representing the factory presets found on the DRP 20 and DRP 20 X. Different sample rates and formats are available. Visit my shop for more information.