A friend of mine explained his guitar setup to me and told me about a cool feature of his Engl amp. This amp has two master channels you can switch. Each master channel has it’s own master volume control, allowing you to use one channel for playing and the other for your solos.

My friends problem was his small mobile setup. The preamp he used there only has one master channel. During our talk I had a simple idea how to add a second master channel to his setup. The vSwitch® was born.

It adds a second master channel with it’s own volume control to each setup.

Here is, what he says:

“...while the Engl amp being repaired, I played yesterday with my small mobile setup and the vSwitch® and I have to say it again, the vSwitch® proves the be the perfect solution again and again. That is what I have been missing in this setup, it works great and does it’s job perfectly. Thank you for that.”

You can see my friends setup